The benefits of Keiro Weaves include:

  • The best quality hair available worldwide. Luxurious, beautiful and strong.
  • Durable, long lasting hair that will last for over 2 years of continuous use.
  • No shedding, tangling, breaking or unravelling.
  • Each weave is hand crafted and contains 100grams of hair.
  • Hand crafting allows for a thinner, less bulkier attachment seam.
  • The hand woven seam creates a natural looking style. 
  • Available in the most popular natural shades
  • 100% remi, human hair that can be curled, flat ironed, blow dried every day.
  • Single drawn hair, so the hair will tangle less and fall naturally
  • Available in 18” length currently, but special orders can be made.
  • Craftsmanship guaranteed.
  • A Keiro heirloom weave will allow you to enter the exclusive Keiro- Hair Silk International membership.


Each Keiro hand sewn weave contains 100 grams of 100% remi human hair. The hand stitching minimises hair shedding experienced in machine sewn weaves.


The quality hair allows for a tangle free experience with a durability of over 2 years of continual wear. The hair is strong enough to hold curl, flat ironing and curling to your hearts content.

By purchasing a Keiro heirloom weave, you are eligible to become an exclusive member of the Hair Silk International loyalty program. By simply registering your product code, you will receive invitations to exclusive events and limited edition products.


Weave Hair Specifications

Lengths – 18"
Colours – 9 Natural
Texture – Natural
Weight  100g