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A top quality Brand to work with. The Hair quality is superb. Condition and longevity exceeds expectations .Every Installation is super exciting. We are so proud to be associated with Keiro.
Not only A great product , but the team behind the operations make the brand even more special
— Janine Rom- Gary Rom Hairdressing Menlyn Maine
I have used hair extensions for about 10 year’s and have had nothing but brilliant results. The support one receives from the technicians is absolutely amazing, Keiro hair extensions are undeniably the best quality hair on the market. When using Keiro hair you can rest assured that you will get a beautiful high quantity product and best of all a perfectly natural look, happy clients and tons of referrals! Keiro hair is manageable and a confidence booster for any women.......use Keiro hair extensions and say goodbye to bad hair days.
— Sandra Coetzee - Hello Beawtiful
As a hairstylist who has worn and work with the Keiro tape-in extensions, I have to say what an amazing product.
Quick to apply, great quality - giving soft and silky hair.
From adding just a few wedges for an elongated bob, some fullness to fine textured hair, going from medium length to long hair or even just to add some color by applying the piano wedges. Great for style changes!
Maintenance is not difficult either, aswell as the re-taping procedure. And the best part? All can be done under two hours which is great if you have limited time!
— Elzanne Viviers - WEDO Hair
I love the quality and condition of the hair. The tape is light and of exceptional quality, quick to install and easy to re-tape.
I’ve got customers that wear their Keiro hair for almost a year. The wide range of colours makes it very easy to match to my clients colours
— Engela de Villiers - Dimension Hair
I’ve been a extensions installer for about 8 years now and never have I worked with better extensions than the Keiro tapes.
The hair is soft to the touch even when it’s blond and the tapes are flat onto the head making it impossible not to hide.
I have never had an issue with a colour match or a delivery as They(Michelle and team) always ensures the best possible service to our company and myself.
Thank you for this.
— Lizanne Mouton- Gary Rom Hairdressing Southdowns