The benefits of Keiro Tape extensions include:

  • The best quality hair available worldwide.
  • Luxurious, beautiful and strong that will last up to 2 years continual wearing (depending on use)
  • Your quick, easy and reuasble hair extensions system
  • Available in the most popular natural shades in over 20 colours
  • Each tape contains of 2.5grams of hair, available in 20pc (50g), 40pc (100g) and 60pc (150g)
  • Durable, long lasting tape that will last for 8 weeks per application.
  • Single drawn hair, so the hair will tangle less and fall naturally
  • Available in 18” length currently, but special orders can be made.
  • No additional equipment required.


The Keiro tape quickly creates additional length and volume, blending seamlessly into your own hair. Our superior hair quality allows for daily washing and styling without diminishing the luxurious feel.


The Keiro tape system will last in your hair for between 6-8 weeks long after which it can be reused for over 2 years if cared for.

Keiro International is the leader in Hair Extensions tape internationally and now in South Africa.


Tape Hair Specifications

Lengths – 35cm, 45cm, 55cm
Colours – 20+ Natural
Texture – Natural