The benefits of Keiro Single strand extensions include:

  • No minimum opening order required.
  • The best quality hair available worldwide. Luxurious, beautiful and strong.
  • Available in the most popular natural shades in 9 colours
  • Each strand contains 1 gram of hair per strand as opposed to all other brands where 0.8 grams is standard
  • Durable, long lasting bond that should last from 3-5 months in your hair.
  • Single drawn hair, so the hair will tangle less and fall naturally
  • Available in 18” length currently, but special orders can be made.
  • Keiro can work with most existing heat extension equipment.


The Keiro bonds have 1 gram of hair per bond where most hair extension bonds are only 0.8 grams. This creates a fuller extension meaning that you will need less hair extensions to create your look.


The keratin protein bonds and high quality hair are built to withstand your daily routine. Whether you blow-dry, flatiron, wash daily, gym and sauna, Keiro will last for between 3-5 months depending on your own natural hair-loss and growth rate


Single Strand Hair Specifications

Lengths – 18"
Colours –20+ Natural
Texture – Natural