Are you looking for an additional revenue stream within your salon? Do you have existing extensions clients who want a better quality hair extensions system? Tired of bad quality hair and bad service? 

Welcome to Keiro, proudly distributed in South Africa by Brand Superheroes.

Your one stop, professional extensions supplier with unbelievable quality hair offering real value to your clients, stylists and salon.

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Keiro is a proudly South African developed, luxury brand. With over 250 professional salons throughout South Africa, Keiro is setting the standard in hair extensions quality, professionalism and education.

Keiro offers you, the professional salon owner:

Dynamic Innovation

We are an ever growing, improving and developing, innovative hair extensions company. We believe that every client’s hair requirements are individual and personal.

Don't be stuck with a single type of hair extensions technology. Be empowered and in the prime position of offering your client a choice that will suite her lifestyle.

Empowering your stylists

We offer in depth training courses for both the salon owners, managers, receptionists, stylists and extensionists.

Our 1 day personal training covers the in-depth theory of hair, the 3 different extensions technologies as well as their practical installation and removal.

Your stylists are also unique, and during the training will discover the extension technology that they prefer to use.

We assist your salon to become the hair extension destination salon.

Increasing your salon turnover

The latest studies in Europe show that 25% of all women are wearing hair extensions. The chances are that you are nowhere near this percentage and have the capacity to grow this percentage.

You have the potential of adding thousands of rands to your monthly income, with your existing clientele and staff.

No other service in your salon has as much potential to grow as hair extensions.

New client referral

Our sophisticated marketing program will refer new clients into your salon. We receive emails, social media messages and telephone calls on a daily basis requesting quality salons.

Become a part of our salon referral system and welcome new clients into your salon.

Hair extensions clients, in general, do spend more money on professional services and products. Happy extensions clients will also increase your salon client base by word of mouth referrals.

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Keiro Hair Extension Starter Kit

Keiro Hair Extension Starter Kit